Kyle Schmidt
Austin, Texas
My name is Kyle Schmidt and I am the face behind Backwood Pine. I am a graduate of the University of Richmond in Richmond, Virginia, with a B.S. in Business Administration and a concentration in Marketing. I was a 4-year starter for the Richmond Spider Baseball Team. The experiences that I had while competing for U of R helped to develop the many qualities that make me who I am today. I have always had a passion for the outdoors and love being outside. I found happiness whether I was playing on a baseball field or hiking up a mountain.
A few years into college, I picked up a camera and fell in love with the idea of capturing moments and showcasing creativity. Driven, committed, and passionate, I have a strong interest in marketing and bring this mentality to my work. I find joy in telling visual stories and bridging the gap between brands and consumers, and have worked with clients in the outdoor recreation, beverage, industrial, and lifestyle industries. Currently, I am pursuing photographic work in the areas of product, portraiture, commercial, and outdoor.
My photographic vision comes from my Texan heritage and my desire to create unique compositions. I struggled to find my style as I was learning how to compose and capture what was around me. However, I have since identified what best represents who I am: warm tones and crisp, clean imagery. I find that this balance best allows me to evoke feelings within the imagery that I produce.
Currently living out my dream as a Minor League Baseball Player with the Minnesota Twins.
Backwood Pine is the result of years of outdoor adventure, marketing experience, and photographic interest. The name "Backwood Pine" pays homage to the rural area where I grew up. My home is a small plot of land that holds an extension of the Loblolly Pines common in East Texas. Growing up, the drive home through the pines never dulled. In 2011, a large portion of the forested area was burned in the largest wildfire in Texas history. In searching for a proper name that would mesh with my values, "Backwood Pine" came to be. What started as a platform for sharing moments has turned into my passion. For commissions, prints, or any other inquires, get in touch via the "Contact" page.
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